Honey Birdette

We love making your bedroom happy...

We do this by bringing you the most exquisite lingerie and toys available from the world's most glamorous places. Everything is hand selected by us. In our stores you can touch and feel the products. You can ask questions if you like, or silently admire this and that.

If your partner's a little timid, tell him not to be... We'll take note of your size so he'll never have to worry. Of course we gift wrap, it'll be our pleasure. If you want you can talk to us by email or join our magazine, it's deliciously naughty. You can order online or have a plush little party where all your girlfriends will giggle...

...or you can just walk into our shop where we can talk about your desires, share a laugh or just find you the perfect thing.

Kiss, kiss...

Sat 24th Jul
9:00 am - 6:00 pm
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Tue 27th Jul
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Wed 28th Jul
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Sat 31st Jul
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