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Freak VR Student Offer

Ongoing Offer

What’s up, fellow kids? If you’re looking to kill some time after school, FREAK’s Student Offer is the sickest way to do it.

Go beyond reality with $35 games, available Monday - Thursday, exclusive to students. Put down your bubble tea, it’s time to slay… zombies, that is! 🔥💀💯

$35 tickets to select games for Students. Don’t forget your student ID!

Student Offers are available for one of the following:
* VR Laser Tag: 3 rounds
* FREAK Drive: 15 minutes
* Virtual Arcade: 30 minutes
* Virtual Free Roam: 1 Mission (Arizona Sunshine or Ghost Patrol)
* Virtual Escape Room: 1 Room (Escape the Lost Pyramid, Beyond Medusa’s Gate or Prince of Persia)

Terms & conditions

* Student Offers are available Monday to Thursday only.
* Student Offers are not available during school holidays and public holidays.
* Student ID must be shown onsite prior to beginning session.
* If criteria for Student Offers is not met, the difference between the Offer price and standard RRP will need to be paid and may incur an additional admin fee.
* There is no limit on the number of purchases that can be made using Student Offers.
* Student Offers are book to play only and are not available for gift vouchers.
* Student Offers are not available in conjunction with other offers.