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Parents room 

Macquarie Centre provides a number of parents rooms conveniently located throughout the centre containing nappy change tables, microwave ovens, a secure children’s play area and toilet facilities. You will find the parents rooms located:

  • Next to Snow Bear on Level 1;
  • Near Prestige Alterations on Level 2;
  • In the Food Court on Level 2;
  • Next to Habitania on Level 3;
  • Next to Ghanda on Level 3

Parents parking 

Macquarie Centre provides up to 5,000 parking spaces. All visitors can enjoy free parking for the first 3 hours. Parents with Prams parking is available near the entrances to the Centre in the following car parks:

  • Level 0 (White Express) closest to the Post Office
  • Level 1 (Pink) near Kmart 
  • Level 2 (Blue) near KFC
  • Level 2 (Blue) near Macquarie Ice Rink

Free pram hire 

Macquarie Centre offers complimentary use of prams for parents which can be hired from the Customer Service Centre on Level 3, near H&M.

Kids play area

Take some time to yourself while the kids play. Macquarie Centre has a kids play equipment area located on Level 1, outside Kmart.