Hawaiian cuisine today is a beautiful blend of native Hawaiian, European, American, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Filipinos, Puerto Rican and Portugesian.

Poké (pronounced poh-kay) is one of Hawaii’s national dishes and a centuries-old classic. It was a healthy snack or meal created by fishermen who would chop reef fish into small pieces, seasoned with sea salt and seaweed, and eat with rice.

POKÉD is a celebration of this simplicity, chilled-out & healthy lifestyle that a traditional poké bowl brings. We love what the Hawaiian culture represents & we reflect this in our food, attitude, stores, people & the things that we do.

We just take it to the next level. Our QLD wagyu beef is marble grade 4+, we use only daily fresh sashimi salmon from Tasmania, our salad base is from the premium Hussey Farm in Victoria which is triple washed with 5 different salad leaves, and our Tasmanian tuna is from one of the only Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified fisheries in Australia

Thu 30th Jan
9:30 am - 9:00 pm
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Mon 3rd Feb
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