Koomi has been carrying on a little revolution in the quietest and gentlest click here for more…way to turn the harvest of grass-feeding diary farmers into an exciting gift and pass on it in a small yoghurt cup. The temperature of the pasture comes from the tasting of the indomitable mellowness, and the meeting with an enthusiastic heart, enabling consumers' taste buds to talk directly with the sensory stimulation.
Our Yoghurt drink is healthy and delicious, and freshly made on-site. It benefits intestinal digestion, health and beauty. It has many advantages and numerous audience.
Sushi World offers high quality, quick and easy sushi products at competitive prices. Sushi World is centred on simplicity and well being. There are health benefits of sushi being low in mono-saturated fats and high in complex carbohydrates. There are a vast variety of sushi available at Sushi World.

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