Clear Complexions

Have you always wanted a Clear Complexion?

The obvious answer is yes!

Whether you suffer from pigmentation, acne or just want to prevent the signs of ageing, we have an extensive range of world-leading medical technologies at our disposal, including Fraxel Restore Dual, Clear & Brilliant and Thermage; and highly skilled medical professionals who can restore your skin to its natural, healthy state.

Why Clear Complexions?

At Clear Complexions, we are medically trained, not aesthetically trained because ultimately, if you want to achieve beautiful looking skin, you need to address the health of your skin. Here’s how we achieve that:
We only employ highly qualified nurses and doctors. They’re trained to understand the science of skin, the importance of on-going assessment and in delivering an exceptional level of care and support to our clients. Our technology is always one step ahead. New developments happen quickly in this industry and we are constantly sourcing technology and products from Australia and overseas to ensure our clients have access to the latest cutting-edge treatment therapies at all times. We tailor treatments to your specific needs. We will not treat your skin without first conducting an extensive skin analysis, using skin imaging software. This is crucial to not only achieving the best possible results, but also ensuring a more targeted treatment .
Book a skin analysis today with one of our nurses and take the first step to a Clear Complexion. Call us on 02 8488 9468.

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