Bardot is the vision of Creative Director Carol Skoufis, who launched the leading Australia fashion label in 1996. Since that time the brand has grown into a fashion heavy weight with more than 56 Bardot stores around the country and employing more than 600 people. Bardot is also making a mark internationally, being sold in some of the world's most notable fashion capitals, and worn by some of the world's most stylish women. The key to Bardot's success is getting the hottest look of the moment on the shop floor first. Bardot has become the destination stop for those women who want a hot look with a bit of attitude that is on the fashion money.

Bardot Junior was introduced in 2004. Creative Director Carol Skoufis believd that Australian women deserved to wnjoy fashion with a distinct point of view, fashion that has been skillfully interpreted and carefully created by some of this country's finest design talent. Her approach o creting apparel for children was no different. With an eye to fashion Bradot Junior applies expert design to capture the imagination of little one's and to reflect the true essence of youth.

Bardot Junior is paractical yet playful. It's about creating fond dreams for the young and trip down memory lane for grown-ups. Visit Bardot at Shop 126, Macquarie Centre and experience the special Bardot and Bardot Junior experience - top service from our fashion stylists, styling advice designed to keep you at the fashion forefront, new styles arriving every week and a fun relaxed shopping environment.

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