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Amcal offers a great range of professional services to help you manage your health and medication.

FREE Blood Pressure Testing

At Amcal you can have a FREE blood pressure check any time! Our Pharmacists and trained staff are always available to assist you with a measurement.

Clean & Check

Amcal offers a clean and check service for your blood glucose monitors. Simply bring in your glucose monitors and we can test the accuracy of your monitor with a testing solution.

Prescription Delivery Service

Contact us about our prescription home delivery service.

Home Medicine Reviews

Home medicine review is a service used to help you understand how your medicine works. At the doctors referral, a pharmacist interviews the patient, and recommendations are made by the pharmacist back to the GP. Ask our pharmacist how you can manage your medications better with HMR.


Webster-pak is an easy prescription dispenser that simplifies your medication. Using a Webster-pak can drastically improve medication usage compliance, resulting in a healthier, happier and more independent patient. Contact us about our Webster service.

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Amcal Pharmacy

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