School Holiday Super Savers FAQs

How do I purchase my passes?
You purchase your passes via the link HERE.

How do I collect my physical passes?
Make your way to our friendly team at our Concierge Desk on Level 3. Present your Eventbrite reciept and our team will issue you your Super Savers passport with the passes.

Can I purchase one pass?
You can purchase anywhere from 2-5 passes. (Choose from Strike BowlingEvent CinemasTimezoneChipmunks Playground and Macquarie Ice Rink.)

Why is the Ice Rink more expensive? 
The Ice Rink ticket is a part of their school holiday offer. This a two hour session with a full retail value of $40! 

Can I purchase the passes in person?
No, passes must be purchased through the link HERE.

Do I have to use my entertainment passes in the one day? 
No, you are able to use your passes over as many days as you like between the campaign period of 13 - 28 April 2019. I.e. If you purchase four passes, you can visit on four separate days. 

How do I redeem free parking?
Once you collect your Super Savers passport you will recieve your free parking pass for that day. Thereafter, each day you return to visit, simply show you remaining Super Saver passes to claim parking for that day at our Conceirge Desk on Level 3. 

Do I only get free parking on one day?
No, for each day you use your entertainment passes, you are eligible to redeem free parking for that day.

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