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Meet the retailer: Oakberry Acai Bowls

Name: Giolhelme   
Store:  Oakberry Acai Bowls

Tell us about your store? 
Our store provides fresh and healthy Acai bowls and smoothies. Our bowls are an organic and nutritious fast food alternative, which provide a source of energy and vitamins to improve how your body functions. Our customers can choose from three sizes of bowls and an array of super food toppings.

What sets your stores apart from others?
At Oakberry, we pride ourselves on the goodness of our product. Our bowls are made from completely natural sugars and are vegan, organic, FDA approved, kosher, lactose and GMO free. This means anyone can come and enjoy our healthy bowls or smoothies. Our bowls are made fresh and prepared right in front of the customer so they can choose what they like.
What does your typical day look like?
Oakberry has a friendly and fun vibe. We are normally at our busiest around breakfast and lunch time as our bowls are a perfect healthy breakfast alternative and good for breakfast or lunch on the go. We maintain our quality standards by constantly replenishing fresh fruit and maintaining a high level of customer service.

What would your top 3 tips be for success as a new retailer coming to Macquarie Centre?
1. Samples: By providing food samples to customers, this helps to push our product and allow people who would not normally eat acai bowls to try something different. Food samples are a great way to boost interest, promote specials and entice new customers; in turn making your business successful.
2. Staff: Educating staff on all our products is an essential element to a successful business. Customers like to know what they are getting. It is important to us that our staff have the knowledge, experience and confidence in everything Oakberry bowls have to offer.
3. Loyalty cards: Looking after loyal customers who would like to return is a very important part to having happy customers and a growing business. A good way to make your business successful is to have loyalty cards. Customers can get to experience rewards, promotions, money off when they come into store to order another bowl.