Meet the retailer: Mamaway

Name: Yenling
Store: Mamaway

Tell us about your store? 
We are the experts of taking care of mums. We provide solutions for mums who go through the journey of pregnancy and breastfeeding. Motherhood is truly one of the greatest and hardest things in life. Becoming a mother changes who you are, makes you more than you have ever been, and gives you the strength you didn’t know you had. Mamaway supports mums every step of the way with helpful tools, advice, and encouragement, so mums can step into Motherhood with confidence. Mamaway, is the hand that helps that great leap into Motherhood.

What sets your stores apart from other Maternity?
We want all parents to feel more comfortable and confident to feed their baby at any time. We are not only a retailer, but we also have a nursing station for parents who need a comfortable area to relax themselves and enjoying a relaxed atmosphere to breast feed.

What does your typical day look like?
Mamaway is there to help solve a problem that a customer may have during the pregnancy and post-partum period. Multiple clients come instore over the course of a day. Each day is different.

What would your top 3 tips be for success as a new retailer coming to Macquarie Centre?
  1. Caring & Sharing:  We care about you and your baby. We aim to share our experiences to help you during the long journey of pregnancy and motherhood.
  2. Service: Our service is key. Ensuring customers are receiving a high standard of service during each visit is important to us.
  3. Staff: Our staff are friendly and provide knowledge to customers during their pregnancy period. We don’t make them feel lonely during pregnancy, we are here to assist them if they need us.