Food & Drink

Meet the retailer: Koomi

Name: Sandy
Store:  Koomi

Tell us about your store? 
Our store provides a variety of tasty yogurt drinks. Our drinks are healthy, delicious and made fresh daily. We have a range of fresh toppings and different flavours for customers to choose from.

What sets your stores apart from others?
Koomi is unique to Macquarie Centre, as it’s the only one of its kind. Our drinks are made from fresh organic produce that customers love. The sugar and ice levels can be changed depending on preference and served as a perfect breakfast alternative.
What does your typical day look like?
In the mornings we prepare our fresh produce ready for the busy day ahead. Throughout the day we are very busy, with a large volume of our customers coming between 11am – 2pm.
What would your top 3 tips be for success as a new retailer coming to Macquarie Centre?
1. Retailer relations: We encourage positive working relationships by offering small discounts to other retailers in-centre. This helps our store develop strong working relationships and allows centre staff to enjoy our drinks.
2. Customer service: We take pride in producing a positive customer service experience in-store. Our drinks are made around your preference, so it is important for us to be flexible and accommodating.
3. Promotions: We have interactive games and promotions that customers can participate in when they are walking past or visiting Koomi.