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Meet the retailer: CoCo milk tea

Name: Stefan Tang
Store: CoCo Milk Tea, Located L3 (Near Event Cinemas)

Tell us about your store? 
We have hundreds of customers a day that enjoy our variety of teas. Some of which include fresh juice tea and green tea. Sugar, ice and toppings can all be altered so the tea is specific to each person’s liking.

What sets your stores apart from others?
We are the number one bubble tea of our kind. Our reputation and delicious tea menu means customers can enjoy a drink they know and like. We focus on quality control and customer service, making sure our teas are always meeting customer satisfaction and assuring everyone is happy.

What does your typical day look like?
Our store is generally very busy throughout the day. Our team remain focused and always have a positive attitude to ensure our customers are happy.

What would your top 3 tips be for success as a new retailer coming to Macquarie Centre?
1. Customer service: We focus heavily on positive customer relations. This is important, as having happy customers will make for a successful business.

2. Reputation: Upholding a positive and reliable reputation is also very important. If people can rely on your service and product then this will help elevate your business.

3. Good business relations:  We pride ourselves on keeping our customers happy, but also the stores around us. We communicate and have good relationships with all the retailers around our store.