Food & Drink

Meet the retailer: Banana Blossom

Name: Kay   
Store:  Banana Blossom

Tell us about your store? 
Banana Blossom provides freshly made salads with an Asian twist that are prepared fresh daily. Our customers can choose from a range that are balanced and contains fresh, locally sourced ingredients, along with our delicious addictive dressing.

What sets your stores apart from others?
We are committed to using ecofriendly, sustainable packaging and cutlery in our store. We also like to think of ourselves as all-inclusive and our impressive menu cater for vegans, vegetarians, gluten and dairy free customers. The farmers that produce our ingredients have removed pesticides from their farms, taking away harmful chemicals. 

What does your typical day look like?
At the start of the day we prepare all our fresh food. Once we prep, we open our doors and welcome our customers.

What would your top 3 tips be for success as a new retailer coming to Macquarie Centre?
1. Inclusive brand: Banana blossom prides itself on catering for all. We want everyone to enjoy our food. This means we make sure we are extra careful considering various allergies and dietary requirements. Having your food full of taste and making sure it is suitable for everyone is key.
2. On trend: It is important to keep on trend and move with the times. Banana Blossom makes a conscious effort to make sure we are appealing to everyone. We do this by having an inclusive menu and keeping up on social media by using hashtags, keeping up on Instagram/Twitter and hiring young local people to bring a fresh face to our stores.
3. Customer experience: Customers want to feel looked after and catered for when they eat out or just grabbing a quick lunch. We make sure we provide a quick and efficient service that doesn’t lack in quality, so our customers leave happy and with a healthy meal in their hands. A positive customer experience means customers are more likely to return.