Meet the retailer: Reynold from Koi Dessert Bar

We sat down with Reynold from Koi Dessert Bar to understand what is like to be a celebrity chef and how this has informed his journey with Koi Dessert Bar! 

Name: Ronald Poernomo
Store: KOI Dessert Bar
Location: Level 3 (near Event Cinemas)

Tell us about your store? 
KOI Dessert Bar is one of the most unique dessert bars in Sydney. We are now known for our lavish and decadent desserts that are “too pretty to eat”. Our desserts are individually handmade on daily basis.
What sets your store(s) apart from other stores?
Our concept and ideas are creatively driven, so far, we have more than 100 cakes on rotation each week. Not just creating a pretty dessert we also strive to bring a decadent experience to our customers.

What does your typical day look like?
My typical day involves getting into the Ryde kitchen in the morning to ensure all of our desserts are 'show ready' for my stores. We spend a lot of time in product development; working with my brothers to create new and creative desserts. In the afternoon, I work in KOI Chippendale for an evening service. Somewhere, between all of this, I manage a team of 60 staff, run the overall business strategy, work on collaborations/campaigns, new concepts and future ventures.
What are your top three tips for sucess as a new retailer at Macquarie Centre?
  1. Product – Have a great product and time it well. Ensure the market is ready for your product and identify a need amongst the industry trends.
  2. Financials – A basic, but it is essential to master the business’s financials. Not just driven by passion or skills, at the end of the day the business needs to be sustainable. So have the mindset of a sustainable business with longevity.
  3. Team – Curate a team that shares the same vision and passion as you do.