Meet the retailer: Michael from A Cup of Life

We sat down with Michael from our newest cafe A Cup of Life to find out how they bring the outdoors in with incredibly taste treats to indulge and world class coffee! 

Name: Michael
Store: A Cup of Life  

Tell us about your store? 
My café is obviously indoors but the concept is completely alfresco, we try to give the impression of beautiful natural light to bring the outside in! The mood of the café is light and open, this was the biggest thing for our store.

What sets your stores apart from other cafes?
It is our menu, we are virtually unlimited with what we can change the menu too. We have a 4 page menu of food including pastas, steaks, sandwiches and our signature dishes. All of these are made with beautiful sauces; ultimately we get inspiration from all over the world.
Our coffee also sets us apart, we use Danes Coffee which was just awarded the best blend of the 2018 international Coffee awards.

What does your typical day look like?
We put out our fresh food out for that day, this involves beautiful desserts inspired by Italian delicacies. We have a very early bird coffee run, with a lot of our locals. We also have a huge market for breakfast with our cakes a popular option for morning tea.

What would your top 3 tips be for success as a new retailer coming to Macquarie Centre?
1. Taste taste taste - to ensure quality and freshness.
2. Make sure you serve value, we have large servings at a reasonable price with good service; we believe this is what people want from a café experience.
3. Happy customers - translate into repeat customers, if you have the right food at the right price coupled with great service you can foster loyalty.