20 October 2021
Approval granted for an exciting, new leisure and entertainment precinct at Macquarie Centre
The amended Development Application (DA) for  ‘The Herring Road Corner Podium’ to transform Macquarie Centre into a world class leisure and entertainment precinct by managers of the centre, AMP Capital was today approved by the City of Ryde.
This development approval is a significant milestone for AMP Capital and Macquarie Centre, particularly following the recent COVID challenges.
In addition to the strategic importance of Macquarie Centre, the Herring Road Corner Podium will become a landmark for the Macquarie Park area. The combination of a brand-new civic plaza, improved access to public transport and the unique architectural features of the new Olympic sized ice rink, will ensure the Centre is a leisure and entertainment destination both during and after business hours.
Macquarie Park is Sydney’s second largest business district and is home to leaders in the field of education, health and technology. We are optimistic and excited about Macquarie Centre’s key role in contributing to the long-term growth and success of Macquarie Park.


We are building on our reputation as a destination for exciting and unique entertainment and are evolving to be a destination for our wider community - offering diverse activities and attractions.

Alongside the new Olympic sized ice rink, the approved DA also provides for the:

  • creation of Station Plaza, a new outdoor civic space;
  • landscaping and public domain improvements;
  • new pedestrian access points;
  • construction of a new retail podium and additional car parking spaces; and
  • removal of one vehicular crossover.



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