8 February 2020

Macquarie Centre is dedicated to creating a vibrant leisure and entertainment precinct.  We remain committed that any future redevelopment of the Centre will include a solution for an Olympic-sized ice rink.
While AMP Capital assesses how best an Olympic-sized ice rink can be accommodated in the future Macquarie Centre, we continue to maintain the existing ice rink and engage with key stakeholders. We are currently updating Government and the City of Ryde Council on our progress, as well as the sporting clubs and associations that regularly use the ice rink.
Mark Kirkland, Head of Retail Development and Asset Creation said: “We will continue to work through various options for the future Macquarie Centre.  It’s important that we continue engaging with those who are passionate about the ice rink. These meetings are part of our long-term engagement approach, where we update on our progress and seek input.
“We welcome feedback on how we can continue to deliver an outstanding retail and leisure precinct at Macquarie Centre for the broader North West Sydney community,” Mr Kirkland said.

1 February 2019

Macquarie Centre’s future to include an Olympic-sized Ice Rink

Today AMP Capital announced that any future redevelopment of Macquarie Centre will include a solution for an Olympic-sized rink.

This decision follows AMP Capital’s decision to put on hold the proposed development application while undertaking a broad and ongoing consultation process with the community and stakeholders.

Mark Kirkland, Managing Director of AMP Capital Shopping Centres said: “We have listened to community feedback. Their outpouring of support shows us they are passionate about retaining an Olympic-sized facility.

“We know that any redevelopment also needs to continue to evolve Macquarie Centre’s unique entertainment and leisure facilities, provide additional civic space, expand night life activities and improve connections to public transport.

“AMP Capital remains committed to delivering an outstanding development for the broader North West Sydney community. We have a lot of hard work to do to bring this to fruition. AMP Capital thanks the local community, the NSW Premier, the State Member for Ryde, the Mayor of the City of Ryde, local councillors and council officers for their involvement to date. We look forward to continuing to work together to find the best outcome for all stakeholders including Macquarie Centre’s investors.”

Any development will remain subject to planning and investor approvals.


Key benefits to shoppers, local residents and commuters include:

  • transforming Macquarie Centre into Sydney’s most envied retail, leisure and entertainment precinct;
  • expanding night time dining and leisure activities;
  • delivering a vibrant and activated pedestrian experience;
  • attracting new and exciting international tenants;
  • offering a showcase for innovative flagship retail;
  • increasing the key connections between the Centre and the Train Station, University and Bus Interchange;
  • a flexible floor plate that can accommodate a wide variety of entertainment activities, including a recreation-sized ice rink;
  • creating a central, publicly accessible location for community events;
  • incorporating best practice sustainability features, including solar energy, water recycling and passive cooling; and
  • providing a ‘landmark front door.’