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We're making some further upgrades to improve your entry and car park experience! 🚗

We’ve listened to your feedback and in addition to the introduction of ticketless parking, we will be implementing further changes to improve the overall parking experience.

We're committed to making your journey in car parks hassle-free and convenient so, look forward to a more vibrant environment where entering, navigating into and out of the centre and exiting the car park will become more seamless. 


A simplified colour stacked layout

We’re moving to a simpler format that reduces confusion around which car park you’re in and on what level. Rather than the 10 individual colours that denote each level of a car park currently, we will introduce 4 uniquely coloured car parks with respective levels being identified by a simple L1, L2, L3, etc. 

Improved Signage

New signage will be installed at car park entries and within the car park to improve navigation and accessibility in our car park. We will introduce improved 'This car park is best for' information to make your shopping journey more seamless.

Centre entrances will be refreshed with new paint to enhance the overall look and feel of the car park.


Works will occur from July, starting in the Purple Myer Car Park, followed by the White Express Car Park. 

All upgrades are scheduled for completion in November. 


Check back here or follow us on Instagram or Facebook for more updates as works progress! 


Why is the car park being upgraded?

We’ve listened to your feedback and in order to improve your overall parking experience, we will be introducing a number of measures to ensure your journey is hassle free and convenient.

How long will the upgrade take?

All upgrades are scheduled for completion in November.

Will staff parking be re-located?

No, the locations of the staff parking will remain the same however, there will be a new look and feel.

Will there be any changes to the payment systems in the car park?

There will be NO changes to the current ticketless system that is in place.

How can I stay updated on the car park upgrade progress?

We will regularly update the progress of the car park upgrade through our channels which include: social media, updates on our website and via signage around centre. Additionally, our concierge team will be available to answer any specific questions or concerns you may have.

What if I can't locate my car after the upgrade?

Contact our team at the Concierge Desk via 02 9887 0880 and they will be able to provide further assistance.