Supporting 100% Aboriginal Owned

Understand the importance of supporting 100% Aboriginal Owned business.

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Supporting 100% Aboriginal Owned

What is #buyblak?

#buyblak is a campaign launched by Aboriginal business collective Trading Blak and promotes the importance of buying from 100% Aboriginal owned businesses. This is due to many businesses having ambiguous marketing that may lead a consumer to thinking a business is Aboriginal owned when it may not be. It is important to look deeper to know who you are buying from.

Why blak?

Coined by First Nation artist Destiny Deacon, Blak is a way for Aboriginal people to refer to themselves separate from other black non-Indigenous groups.

Why is it important to #buyblak?

Buying directly from 100% Aboriginal owned businesses is a direct investment into a sustainable economy for Aboriginal people and communities. Aboriginal businesses are 20 times more likely to employ Aboriginal people. Aboriginal enterprise is a form of self-determination and empowerment for Aboriginal communities. Exploitation and misleading marketing of businesses that appear to be Aboriginal owned but are not is rife. It is important to know who you are buying from and make an informed choice on where to place your purchase.

How to #buyblak?

If you see a product or business you want to buy from, packaging and imagery alone is not enough to discern whether or not a business is Aboriginal owned.

To check, head to the website and click on the “about us” section. Make sure you read the whole section. Aboriginal owned businesses will almost always proudly promote they are Aboriginal owned. If you cannot find the information, you can always contact the business direct and ask the question. It is not offensive to ask if a business is Aboriginal owned or not.