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'Magic Dragon' Mural by Christina Huynh

01 - 24 Feb 2024

8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Level 3, near Strike Bowling

Watch on as Sydney artist, Christina Huynh paints a custom mural called 'Magic Dragon' for Lunar New Year.

'Magic Dragon' is inspired by the intricate statues of dragons and mythical creatures at the top of Monkey Mountain in Da Nang, Vietnam. The scales, curves and fierce expressions of the Dragon are also taken from a marble statue from my grandmother's collection of Chinese antiques in Wakeley, NSW. With a sense of flourishing, this illustration pays homage to my Chinese-Vietnamese ancestry, the significance of the mythical Dragon (the sole imaginary animal among all 12 Chinese zodiacs), celebrating millennia of creativity and wondrous craftsmanship.
This character was created to represent vigour, childhood memories, good luck and well wishes. The prominent colours throughout are red and tan, symbolising good fortune and prosperity for 2024. The 2024 Wood dragon is unique as it combines the Dragon's power and vision with the wood's creativity. It is said to be a year of innovation, generosity, compassion and growth, a year to express one's ideas, expand one's horizons and pursue one's dreams. The following year of the Wood Dragon will not come for another 60 years, in 2084.

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Check out the beautiful artwork on Level 3, near Strike Bowling. Live painting will occur between 1 - 5 February. 'Magic Dragon' will remain on display until 24 February.