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Honey Glazed Ham Recipe by Kate Waterhouse

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas 🎄 Honey glazed ham is a Christmas favourite and this recipe created by Kate Waterhouse for Macquarie Centre is an absolute winner (and super easy).

Keep on reading below for the easy to follow recipe sure to please the crowd this festive season.


Preparation time – 20 mins
Cooking time – 1.5 hours




  1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius
  2. Cut onions into thick rings, place in large roasting pan and then place ham on top
  3. Strip skin off ham but leave fat
  4. Score diamonds all over the surface
  5. Smear Dijon over entire surface
  6. Pack brown sugar over top firmly
  7. Make sure all fat is covered - place more if needed
  8. Drizzle with honey
  9. Put in oven and pour water to cover bottom of the pan
  10. Bake ham for 30 mins then baste
  11. Keep basting every 30 mins to golden brown and starting to caramelize
  12. After an approx. 1.5 hrs in total, transfer to serving platter and serve as is!

OPTIONAL: Add baked pineapple rings and cherries for a more retro feel
  1. To make baked pineapple rings: brush pineapple rings with ham glaze and roast on baking paper til golden brown
  2. Before serving ham, add pineapple rings studded with maraschino cherries secured with toothpicks. Use enough pineapple rings to cover ham
  3. Keep at room temperature until ready to serve