Together we are making a difference

We know every very little bit counts.

So we'd like to thank all of our visitors for contributing to our fundraising efforts so far. 

We are commited to giving back to organisations that support members of our community in need, and will continue to provide you with an update when we do. 
Learn more about how we have supported selected charity organisations below: 


To ensure that 5.1 tonnes of plants in our Santa's Secret Garden Christmas photography set continued to benefit the community, over 250 of the native, drought tolerant and low maintenance plants included in the set were placed on auction with 100% of proceeds donated to charity. 

Our Plant Auction also encouraged our visitors to make a difference by rehousing plants into gardens, improving our natural ecosystem, all the while helping a community in need.

THE RESULT? $2000 raised, with Macquarie Centre matching that amount and donating an additional $2000.
As voted by you, proceeds from the auction were divided amongst charities supporting the Bushfire Relief effort.

50% - Port Macquarie Koala Hospital
25% - Lions Need For Feed
25% - Drought Angels


We partnered with a range of charities during Christmas, where volunteers wrapped presents for a gold coin donation. 

The wrapping paper was biodegradable and the gift tags were embedded with seeds that could be planted into the garden. 

THE RESULT? Over $5,500 donated across:
Thank you for supportung us and our commitment to invest in future of our communities.