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Your Guide to Pre-season Fitness

The Winter sports pre-season is upon us!

With a particular focus on football, Dr. Sharon Wardle (Chiropractor) and personal trainer Aria Monazah - both located at Fitness First Macquarie Centre, have combined their vast experience and qualifications to provide recommendations to help players increase their fitness levels and avoid sport-related injuries.

Aria Monazah is one of only two level three (highest level) trainers at Fitness First Macquarie Centre. He holds a Degree in Fitness which has provided him with expertise in training techniques, nutrition and rehabilitation. He is also a football (soccer) coach as well as a certified boxing coach. His clientele is varied, including those who want to really test themselves with the hardest workouts, others who are recovering from injuries - which he knows how to work around, and those who appreciate the fact that he is a native Farsi speaker.

Aria's Advice:
“The main attributes a footballer requires are agility, speed, power and leg-strength. All of these can be incorporated into a specifically tailored individual workout”.
  • High-intensity exercise improves cardiovascular output.
  • Boxing training sessions not only achieve a great cardiovascular workout but assist with weight loss and help to increase both strength and agility. The high level of focus and concentration required for a boxing session make it an incredibly intensive form of training, ideal for footballers or indeed for anyone who wants maximum results in minimum time.

Dr. Wardle holds a Master’s Degree in Science, a Master’s Degree in Research, FIFA certification in Football Medicine and has had extensive experience in treating elite players. Her advice:
“I like to assess and reassess each individual according to their sporting skills, player position, occupation and body type. Training techniques, equipment used - including which boots a player chooses to wear - all need to be considered. No two cases are the same so advice will vary from person to person”.
  • Pre-competition chiropractic assessments are vital for every player BEFORE they commence serious training or gym work (unless they are attending the gym for the purpose of rehab). This is simply because even the slightest injury can be aggravated by intense training.
  • Regular chiropractic adjustment of joints and muscles throughout the season is extremely important to maintain function at optimum levels.

For more information, please contact chiropractor Dr. Sharon Wardle  M.Chiro.Sc., Master of Research (Macq. Uni.) at (T)  02 9878 5855 (M) 0400 414 452.

Both Dr Sharon Wardle (Chiropractor) and Personal Trainers are located on Level 4, inside Fitness First.