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How To Give Your Fitness Dollar a Great Workout

Personal trainer Alex Liu and chiropractor Dr. Sharon Wardle believe that the two most important aspects of reaching and maintaining your fitness goals are:

1.  Regular health check-ups
2.  Precision training

Dr. Wardle, like most health professionals, is a strong advocate of pre-training fitness assessments. This is a standard procedure for professional athletes and something from which everyone can benefit at the commencement of a training program:
“Muscle spasm, pain and limited range of joint movement are all signs of decreased physical capacity. The majority of these issues can be quite easily treated and maintained. You cannot properly train a muscle in spasm because it’s already partially contracted and therefore cannot receive the full effect of weight training. It’s like doing less reps in every weights set. Your workouts become less effective and your desired results take much longer to achieve. Not only that, but training whilst in pain causes further damage. You cannot ‘stretch out’ a tight muscle. All that happens to create this illusion is that whilst training, various brain chemicals suppress the pain, giving the impression that the problem has improved. When you cool down it returns and worsens. You need to have the cause treated properly - something you cannot do yourself. A check-up prior to training can also alert you to other health issues that may impact upon your goals.”

Once you are declared fit to train, you need to make sure to get the most out of every session. The best way to start and to form good habits is to engage the services of a personal trainer, because bad habits are very difficult to ‘unlearn’.

Personal trainer Alex Liu instructs in both his native Mandarin and in English. Like all Fitness First  PTs, he also teaches group fitness classes. He’s received awards for both Freestyle Group Training and H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training) which aids in fat loss and helps to increase cardiovascular fitness. Alex has an important message for those who wish to make the most of their time at the gym:

“Correct technique is the key to success. Not only is it the quickest way to achieve your fitness goals but it improves recovery time after a workout. My goal is to help each and every client reach the point where they can train correctly and independently.”

Alex's recommendations:

  1. You should train a minimum of three to four times per week. Two of those sessions should be with a personal trainer.

  2. This ‘basic training’ format needs to continue for at least two months to allow good habits to form and good technique to be committed to memory.

  3. Taking classes should be additional to training and should not replace it.

Liu advises training correctly under the guidance of a personal trainer means that you will get much better results for the time and money you spend on fitness.

   You can meet personal trainer Alex Liu at Fitness First, located on Level 4.


New chiropractic patients who are interested in joining Fitness First Macquarie will receive a free one week gym pass which provides an opportunity to try all areas of the gym including classes.

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