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3 Simple Steps to Eating More Mindfully

by Live Life Get Active

A distracted mind can lead to overeating

Are you constantly asking yourself “why can’t I stop after one or two pieces of chocolate instead of devouring the entire block?” or “where did that giant bowl of pasta go? I barely remember eating it?”

We are quite often busy working or running around after kids, distracted by technology or worrying about the future. In other words, we are rarely living in the present moment. When it comes to food, this means it’s easy to devour that block of chocolate or bowl of pasta, if at the same time we are working, distracted by the TV or scrolling through social media. All of a sudden the food is gone and we barely remember tasting it.

It’s already easy enough to keep shovelling down snacks that feel ‘addictive’ because of the high amounts of sugar and salt in them. If you’re also distracted by other things, then you’re probably mindlessly eating through your food, without even realising how much you’ve demolished!

These three simple and mindful changes, can make the world of difference to how much you eat:


Removing external distractions like the TV, your phone and your computer will help you focus on what you’re eating and how much you’re eating. This will help prevent you from mindlessly inhaling your meal or snacks.


It takes a while for our bodies to register that we are full. If you eat slowly you will notice when you‘re starting to become full and less likely to overeat. Eating slowly will also make the whole experience more enjoyable as you will notice and taste the flavours more.


If you can focus on nothing else but what you’re eating right in front of you, you will suddenly notice how many different flavours and textures your food has. It will make it that much more delicious as well as help slow you down.

Enjoy that special moment between you and your food!

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