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Checkout smarter using Woolworths Scan&Go

Woolworths Scan&Go is now available at Macquarie Centre!

Scan your items with your phone, bag as you shop and pay in-app!

Here’s how it works:

1. Scan items using the Scan&Go app


2. Pay in-app using your saved payment method


3. Skip the queue and head to the dedicated Scan&Go checkout. Scan your QR code and follow the prompts!



  • Participants need to download the Scan&Go app to trial the experience in-store.
  • Your phone needs internet connection, Bluetooth and Location Services enabled to use Scan&Go*
  • A payment method (an accepted credit or debit card) must be added when you first use the app.
  • Items up to a total amount of $250 can be purchased within the Scan&Go app**
  • Some items including Gift cards, SIM cards, tobacco can’t be scanned using the Scan&Go app.***

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I need help or require a refund?

Please see a Team Member who will be happy to assist you.

Why are my items being scan checked?

A key aim of this trial is to test the accuracy and reliability of this new technology. Accordingly, you can expect us to conduct scan checks from time to time to track how it is performing. We thank you for your patience and understanding as we conduct these.

Will I earn and redeem Rewards points for my shop using the Scan&Go app?

Yes - Rewards points will be accrued and redeemed on the Rewards card linked to your Woolworths online account.

Why do I have a $0.01 charge on my card statement?

When registering a new card, a temporary authorisation hold for $0.01 may be placed on your payment method to ensure your card is valid. Authorisations can take up to 30 days to be released depending on your financial institution.

How do I scan fresh produce items requiring a weight (e.g. fruit and veges)?

Step 1 Scan shelf product barcode
Step 2 Place item on scale
Step 3 Scan weight barcode



For more information, please visit the Woolworths website here:

*You are responsible for any internet access charges and data usage charges charged by your provider.
**For shops over $250 in supermarkets and $150 in Metros, you will need a physical credit or debit card to complete your transaction at the Scan&Go Checkout.
***Gift cards, SIM cards, tobacco can be purchased at the Service counter with a team member. For a full list see the FAQs  for further details.