Wittner AW20: Considered, curated and crafted for you

Passionate for over 100 years, Wittner crafts quality, comfort and premium leather into every design. Believing in the unmistakable power of wearing the right shoe and putting confidence in a women’s step every day.
With the launch of their new Autumn/Wittner20 campaign 'Atelier’ highlights the artistry behind each and every Wittner design, which has followed a journey in which initial concepts have been re-drafted and refined to create shoes that you1II no doubt adore.
Atelier takes customers on a journey, bringing to life the dedication and craftsmanship that goes into every shoe. Wittner felt that using a workshop as a backdrop for the collection would illustrate their creative process and the similarity between it and that of an artist's.
While taking inspiration from global fashions, the design team are dedicated to core Wittner values and reinterpret these trends in a way that makes each and every shoe unique.
From the bold hues and tactile textures, to the architectural heels that pay homage to international style, you'll feel your best walking in shoes that are a wearable work of art.
With fast fashion so rife in the industry, it can be hard to remember why we should invest in higher quality products. For Atelier, Wittner wanted to highlight the craftsmanship and time it takes to make truly beautiful shoes, that are really more creations than commodities.
Affectionately titled Autumn/Wittner20 the new campaign celebrates its commitment to providing a considered and curated line of boots every winter season.

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