Discover the latest collection from sass and bide: The Mystic Flight

The collection’s spiritual lens encourages us to see a new dawn, the future brightness. Set amongst the beautiful chaos of antique treasures, velvet furnishings, objects and amulets, vintage wallpaper and tapestries, we look to other-worldly notions of renewal and rebirth.  
The collection draws inspiration from historic talismans, unconventional symbolism and the belief in higher powers as spiritual guardians. The garments are designed to dress the wearer with positivity and align them with a community of hope. Aluminium silver, icy blues, splashes of vibrant red, a smattering of baroque and flora-inspired patterns and shimmering sequins hero a mystical colour palette. 
Time-honoured icons and idols influence the collection’s strong silhouettes, contrasting shapes and abstract patterns: the sacred protection from the Hand of Fatima, the malevolence of the Evil Eye, and the abundance and growth of Tarot’s Empress alongside the ethereal animals of mythology - the wise Owl, the healing Snake and the reborn Phoenix. 
With all the hallmarks of sass & bide’s DNA of beauty in obscurity; the collection removes the darkness and addresses the extrasensory ideals of alchemy. One’s inner journey and the answers they seek woven into garments through artistic representations of talismans on oversized tees, spangled jumpsuits and boots, fierce shirting, drop-hip mini dresses, devil-may-care knitwear and leather, lots of leather. 
Through exploring dark and light, wisdom and protection, growth and rejuvenation, the stronghold of sisterhood reigns throughout a daring collection designed to wear now and forever. 

sass and bide is located on Level 2.