Your Ultimate Sunday Shop

We know how the weekly grocery shop can be a hassle but we've got you sorted with some of our favourite food hacks and where to get the best produce (and more importantly, get it fast).

The Ultimate Dish, Fish!

We understand cooking fish can be a little bit intimidating, but it's an amazing oppor-tuna-ty to heighten your cooking skills and try something new! The friendly staff at Macquarie Seafoods have got you covered with a beautiful array of fresh produce and excellent tips and tricks for your cooking. You'll be hooked in no time!

Make no mis-steak

If fish isn't for you there's still some stunning classic meat options. Tender Gourmet Butchery are an award winning butcher and home to a selection of incredible inventions including their most recent winner, the nacho sausage. With friendly service and award-winning advice, Tender Gourmet is your one-stop meat shop.

Straight From The Oven

We know there is no more satifying smell than freshly cooked bread straight from the oven. The perfect side to any dish, indulge in the incredible range of fresh loaves and rolls at Baker's Delight

For the sweet tooth...

Everyone loves a little bit of dessert, so why not treat yourself to the beautiful selection of cakes, slices and delicacies available at Passiontree Velvet. There's something for everyones sweet tooth.

Add some colour to the dining table

Cooking is hard work so why not indulge with a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Cheerful Flowers? Alongside your beautiful spread of food, with a fresh bunch of flowers, your dining table will have never looked better!

For more inspiration in the kitchen, come along to our Fresh Food Markets on March 30 and 31. 

For easy parking access to Fresh Food, enter through the Green Level Car Park via Waterloo Road Express Ramp.