Birthday Parties at FREAK Macquarie Centre

If you’re looking for an unforgettable birthday party, you’ve come to the right place! A birthday party at FREAK is possibly the coolest birthday party a kid could ever ask for.

FREAK Virtual Reality combines cutting edge multiplayer games, incredible 4D effects and curated physical spaces to help you venture beyond reality. The fully immersive VR experiences are suitable for ages 8+, making it perfect for kids birthday parties, school holiday events with friends, and family outings.

There’s over 30 leading VR games on offer, in the latest, most mind-blowing VR formats including:

Free-Roam Arena

For the brave, adventurous or outright crazy! Up to four players walk around an open arena with absolute freedom of movement while exploring a parallel universe, solving challenges or fighting for survival. Games include Arizona Sunshine (age 12+) & Ghost Patrol (age 10+).
Price: $59 per person of $220 for 4 people
Age: 10+

VR Escape Rooms

Using virtual reality, FREAK’s escape rooms can literally take you to other worlds. Work together in teams of 2-4 players, with mind bending puzzles and adrenaline pumping challenges.
Price: $118 for 2 players or $220 for 4 players
Age: 12+

VR Arcade & VR Laser Tag

In your own personal VR pod, play a selection of the most awesome and addictive VR games on the planet. Family friendly and highly addictive FREAK VR Arcade is for 1-6 players.
Price: From $30 per person
Age: 8+

Drive racing simulators

FREAK Drive: FREAK Drive provides ultra-realistic racing simulation using cutting-edge equipment and technology. With a custom setup built with 200 degree wrap-around screens and motion sensor chairs, FREAK Drive is the first of it’s kind in Australia.
Price: From $30 per person
Age: 12+

FREAK offers a number of group packages from 6 up to 28 people, including multibuy game packages or super popular Private Venue Hire.

Find out more at https://freakvr.com.au/macquarie-group-enquiry/ or head to the FREAK venue in centre on level 4 near Harry Hartog.

Are you ready to take your birthday party beyond reality?