Meet Ramon from Macquarie Centre

What is your role at Macquarie Centre?
I work in the cleaning team specifically looking after the food court.

How does your role support customers to ensure physical distancing and hygiene measures are adhered to?
There have been measures put in place to help our customers stay safe within the food court. The tables are spread 1.5 metres apart with some tables being closed and the removal of chairs. We also have signs on the tables showing people where not to sit. I always chat to customers explaining why we need to physical distance and help them find bigger tables for their family to sit at safely in the food court.

What is the best example you have seen of a retailer at Macquarie Centre adapting to the changes during COVID 19?
Our food court retailers are doing a great job. They have introduced more takeaway menu items for those customers who don’t want to sit down. The retailers encourage customers to use the floor decals in front of their stores to stay safe.

Who is your favourite retailer and why?
Rembrandt. The team instore are friendly and always treat me well. They also have a great range of clothes instore. Aside from fashion, I love all my food court retailers who I work with daily.

What makes Macquarie Centre a part of the community?
Macquarie Centre is such a special shopping centre. After working across many centres in my role, there is no place like Macquarie. I have been at Macquarie for 13 years and I just love how centre management, retailers and customers are so friendly. It is great to feel a part of this team.