Meet Ema from Macquarie Centre

What is your role at Macquarie Centre?
I am the control room operator for the Security Team. I interact with customers over the phone, watch CCTV across the entire centre and help facilitate day to day tasks with our Security Guard Team which need to be actioned throughout the day.
How does your role support customers to ensure physical distancing and hygiene measures are adhered to?
In my role, I have the ability to see what’s happening throughout the centre (on CCTV footage) at any given time. This means I can see if large groups are congregating or if customers are not physical distancing. I will then ask our Security Team to approach our customers and politely ask them to follow the measures in place. Whenever I am in centre, I wear a mask to ensure the safety of myself, customers and retailers.
What is the best example you have seen of a retailer at Macquarie Centre adapting to the changes during COVID 19?
Uniqlo have strong measures in place to keep our customers safe. The store has one point of entry and one point of exit, with someone always manning the doors to ensure the correct number of customers are within the store. The team member at the front door also temperature checks every customer and encourages the use of hand sanitiser.
Who is your favourite retailer and why?
Uniqlo, I just love shopping at Uniqlo. Their activewear and winter ranges are my favourite products in store. The loyalty program is also great - you get good discounts. Not only do I love this store, but so does my family.
What makes Macquarie Centre a part of the community?
The people that work at Macquarie work really hard to give our customers great service. This encourages our customers to come back again and again and feel like a part of the community.