Sheridan Recycling Program

Sheridan recognises the waste of the textile industry is a huge problem, and so it is proud to be Australia’s first homewares brand to offer a solution.

The Sheridan Recycling Program invites customers to return any branded old quilt covers, sheets and towels to Sheridan Boutique and Studio stores. As an added incentive Sheridan is offering 10% off the next purchase for customers who partake in this environmental initiative.

Sheridan will recycle these items and turn them into new products, that will be sold across Sheridan stores later in the year. Offering a closed loop process, the Recycling Program aims to reduce the amount of bed linen and towels going to landfill and by turning it into products that will then be resold through Sheridan Boutique and Studio stores.



Return any of your existing quilt covers, sheets and towels to Sheridan Boutique & Studio Stores and receive an extra 10% off your next purchase.


Your items will be recycled and turned into new products


By Reusing and recycling our products, together we can reduce landfill

For more information head into Sheridan on Level 2 in Macquarie Centre.