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kikki.K Mother's Day

Thanks, Mum. You’re the best.
Because your advice is unmatched
Because you’ve dropped me off and picked me up more times than I’d like to admit
Because no one does home-cooking like you do
Because you always know how to open the jar, find what I’ve lost or fix something when it’s broken
Because you always have a secret stash of treats
Because you’ll always answer the phone, even when no one else does
Because you’ve got a home remedy for almost anything
Because your feet are lego-proof
The list goes on...
We didn’t even really need another reason to say thanks to our mums, step-mums, grandmas or other mother figures…and then the events of the past year came around. This year, more than ever, let’s treat her to gifts of gratitude and say thanks in particular for everything from the love through lockdowns to the patience through home-schooling and everything in between.

Featuring the most gorgeous floral pattern in soft ballet pink with gold foil detailing, this collection is sure to make her fall in love! You can find something to suit every mum’s taste, from planners, notebooks and pens for the stationery lovers, mugs and leather accessories for the self-care queens and memory books to capture the hearts of those mums who just crave a bit of sentiment. And let’s not forget plenty of beautiful wrap and trim to finish it all off!

Tell your mum why she’s the best and send her over a little bit of kikki.K love this Mother’s Day.

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