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Introducing Bibliotonic: a book list just for you

The Harry Hartog Bibliotonic experience is the perfect way to guarantee that your next read, is your best read. Because life is too short to spend time with books that do not inspire, enchant and captivate you.

After purchase, and completing a short questionnaire online, you will be matched with a qualified Harry Hartog bookseller and a time made for your Bibliotonic experience. Each Bibliotonic experience takes place in our beautifully curated shop, with children’s sessions running for approximately 15 minutes and adults for up to 30 minutes. The Bibliotonic Voucher is then redeemable against the equivalent cost of books in-store ... and your reading adventure is truly underway.

Whether you’re a lapsed reader or an avid bibliophile seeking new vistas, this is the ultimate gift of time and serendipity. Travel with Harry Hartog Bookseller to an unexplored land no algorithm could ever find.

Bibliotonic vouchers can be purchased either online via the Harry Hartog website, or in-store, with Bibliotonic vouchers redeemable in-store only.