MINISO, a Japanese fast fashion designer brand, was jointly founded by Japanese designer Miyake Junya and Chinese entrepreneur Ye Guofu in Tokyo, Japan. Miyake Junya is also the chief designer of MINISO.

MINISO advocates fashionable and relaxed lifestyle and directs a superior products consumption pattern.
MINISO pursues a “simple, natural and quality” life philosophy and a brand proposition of “simplicity and going back to the essence”.

It launches new products every seven days and the low-price but high quality products are popular among customers.

MINISO also creates a new business style, which combines fashion and leisure together, becoming the main force in department stores and shopping centers with catering, fast fashion clothing and entertainment industries.

When realizing its advocacy of “fast fashion” towards quality life, MINISO also focuses on building brand new recreational shopping atmosphere, so that customers can experience happiness, fashion and healthy lifestyle in MINISO.

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