Stage 1 Concept Development Application

AMP Capital has lodged a Stage 1 Concept Development Application to allow further development to occur at Macquarie Centre in the future. To support the growth prospects of Macquarie Park and the changing nature of retail, the long term vision is to transform Macquarie Centre into a world-class town centre of discovery and innovation where people can shop, live, work and play.

In the future, the centre will incorporate quality retail, entertainment, lifestyle and leisure facilities and the potential for a premium commercial and residential uses that will make Macquarie Centre the heart of Macquarie Park.

AMP Capital is committed to keeping the community updated on our future plans for Macquarie Centre. We will be posting updates as the development progresses so please check back regularly to find out what is going on.

Images are illustrative concepts, subject to further detailed design and subsequent development applications.

Atrium - View from cinema precinct
Herring Road entry towards Atrium
Station Plaza
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