What is driving the need for future development at Macquarie Centre?

In September 2015, the Minister approved the rezoning proposal for the Macquarie University Station (Herring Road) Priority Precinct which includes areas such as Macquarie University and Macquarie Centre.

The Priority Precinct aims to deliver more housing and employment opportunities in an area well serviced by public transport, creating a more vibrant place for the existing and future community of Macquarie Park. Further information on the Priority Precinct can be found on the Department of Planning & Environment’s website:  http://www.planning.nsw.gov.au/herringroad

What is the vision for Macquarie Centre?

Macquarie Centre will be further transformed from a traditional shopping centre into a world-class town centre of discovery and innovation where people can shop, live, work and play.
The centre will incorporate quality retail, entertainment, lifestyle and leisure facilities and the potential for a premium commercial and residential offering, which will make Macquarie Centre the heart of Macquarie Park. 

What are the key features of the concept plan?

Macquarie Centre has all the markings of a world-class centre – situated at a major transport hub, adjacent to a world-renowned university and is a destination of choice for a range of international retailers.
The concept plan will feature:

Mixed-use development -

  • More retail opportunities, including leisure, dining and entertainment options
  • Four towers which could include commercial and residential uses such as apartments and/or student accommodation
  • New community facilities
Improved connectivity and creation of people places - 
  • New vehicle and pedestrian access points
  • An underground link to the train station from inside the shopping centre
  • Creation of a Station Plaza between the station and the shopping centre
  • An open entry plaza situated along Herring Road that provides for day/night time activities

What is the Stage 1 Concept Development Application?

The Development Application (DA) seeks approval for the for the mixed use redevelopment of Macquarie Centre, this includes:

  • Design parameters for the future development on the site
  • Building envelopes for the proposed basement, expanded podium and four towers along Herring Road
  • The creation of 'Station Plaza' between the train station and shopping centre
  • Basement and rooftop car parking envelopes that can accommodate a maximum of 2,175 additional car spaces
  • New vehicle and pedestrian access points.
The Stage 1 DA establishes the framework for the future development of Macquarie Centre and does not seek approval for any works, the final land uses or the final design of the building exteriors. Further DAs are required for each component of the project. 

What are the next steps after the Stage 1 DA is approved?

AMP Capital will refine the detail of the concept plan, such as determining the uses, staging of development, and detailed design of the buildings, public domain areas and internal layouts. Once those details are established, we will prepare the application for the first stage of works. 

When does AMP Capital expect the project to start and finish?

The project is currently in concept design phase and is yet to be confirmed. If approved, more detailed design is required and will be determined through future development applications. No major works will commence in the immediate future. AMP Capital will keep our key stakeholders including the community informed on these timeframes as the project progresses.

Where are the towers being proposed and how high will they be?

The towers are being proposed above Macquarie Centre along the Herring Road frontage. The Stage 1 DA is seeking approval for the building envelope for the towers in accordance with the Herring Road Priority Precinct that allows the buildings to be up to 120m high (approximately 30 storeys). 

Will the towers overshadow the area?

Given the heights of the proposed buildings, some overshadowing is inevitable. The building envelopes have been designed to minimise the impact of overshadowing on neighbouring properties. We have ensured that sufficient solar access will be provided to adjacent residential properties and Elouera Reserve. 

How many new apartments will there be?

The total number of residential apartments has not yet been determined, however the building envelopes can accommodate up to 950 apartments if all the towers are developed as residential. The final uses of each tower will be confirmed in any future development applications. 

Will the additional parking be open to shoppers, or just for the occupants
of the towers?

The concept proposal accommodates more parking spaces dedicated for retail use across the entire site both in new basement opportunities and the roof top. This parking is in addition to any parking required for the towers. The final provision of car parking will be subject to future DAs once the final uses have been determined.

How will ongoing traffic impacts be managed?

Macquarie Centre is located close to major transport services including the M2, the Epping to Chatswood rail, and bus services. By locating homes next to shops, jobs, and a university, the proposed development creates opportunities for people to walk and cycle for more of their trips, rather than using the cars.
We have been working closely with the team at Sydney Metro to discuss how we can manage traffic and transport during the interim closure of train services during the construction of the Northwest rail line.
A number of studies will be undertaken over the coming months to determine how traffic and transport services will be managed during construction of the Sydney Metro North West rail, development at Macquarie Centre and once the Herring Road Priority Precinct is developed. 

Will there be additional amenities to support the increased residential
population in the area?

AMP Capital is currently investigating opportunities with the City of Ryde Council to provide a community facility within Macquarie Centre.  The provision of this use, its potential location within Macquarie Centre and design are subject to future discussions with Council.
In terms of the wider precinct, the NSW Government will provide $5 million funding to City of Ryde Council towards the upgrade of existing amenities and new social infrastructure in the area to support the precinct as it grows.

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