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Who Are The Khallouf's?

We recently sat down with the incredibly talented Khallouf sister's, Lillian and Dianne, to get to know them and the high-end, elegant fashion brand that is Lillian Khallouf.

Who are the Khallouf's?
The Khallouf's consist of Lillian and Dianne Khallouf, the bright eyed sisters whose father encouraged them to use his clothing manufacturing business as their playground. Unsurprisingly, both sought to extend their father's legacy in fashion, with Lillian earning a scholarship to study fashion and Dianne pursuing jewellery design. Shortly after graduating in 2005, Lillian, aged 19, embarked upon her first dressmaking and design business, where her natural affinity for the craft and innovative blend of inspiration with current trends quickly ushered in success.

Dianne's input varied with her own commitments to the study of jewellery, but whether actively participating or merely offering advice, she quickly became integral to Lillian's success. Dianne's jeweller's artisanal attention to detail and deft skillset were noticed by Lillian's clientele, who began eagerly to seek her ideas, and knowledge

The relationship between the two sisters was unique. Lillian understood the desires of women, sketching the dreams lying in their imagination and then bringing them to life with her technique and knowledge, while Dianne's exceptional talent for intricacy refining the pieces with individual character. Together, their cooperation and mutual admiration yielding one of those rare relationships that reliably bears the fruit if inspiration and passion

Where do you get your design inspiration from?
The sisters are inspired by simple but intelligent silhouettes that exude sophistication and restrained elegance. for Lillian, fabrication and finishing details offer unique distinctions. Highlighting a focus on purity of design, custom-developed fabrics, hardware and beading are combined with superb craftsmanship to create modern and quietly subversive pieces. Becoming a Lillian Khallouf Customer means joining a community of women that value luxury without pretence, an authenticity of sophistication common to those that are passionate about tailored fashion.  
What is your favourite piece from this collection?
There are a few pieces that are Lillian Khallouf favourites that have become staple must haves, these being the Tux Pant and the Victoria Pencil Skirt. They  are the perfect transitional pieces that van be worn from day to night.

What is your number one fashion rule?
Learn about your proportions and work with your best assets, we all have flaws but we can work to love them.

What is your favourite A/W 17 trend?
The blazer has to be the favourite for AW17. The Lillian Khallouf range has a few options of beautifully tailored blazers that are available in different fabrications and colours.

Lillian Khallouf can be found on level 2 of the Fashion Galleria at Macquarie Centre next to Sephora.  
Posted by Macquarie Centre on 16 May 2017 within Fashion
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